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Sunday, May 8, 2011


To begin with, meteors are found all over the solar system. They are any body (typically rocky) that is too small to be a comet or an asteroid. There are three types of asteroids, stone, iron and stony-iron. Any meteor that manages to catch on fire as it passes through the atmosphere and makes it through is called a fire ball. Technically, for something to be called a fire ball, it has to be generating its own light and that light must be brighter than Venus. Fireball over utah

Types and a little bit about them
    • Meteoroid is any amount of matter revolving around the sun or any object in space that is too small to be classified as an asteroid of comet.
    • could have originally been comets that broke into pieces
    • meteoroids ,meteors and meteoroids are all made of rock, ice and other metals such as nickel and iron
    • meteors are meteoroids that burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere
    • a meteorite is a meteoroid that reaches the earth’s surface without being completely vaporized
    • a meteoroid is any piece of matter too small to be a comet or asteroid that is revolving around the sun or any body

Normal meteor in space

How are they formed?

    • Meteors, meteoroids and meteorites all formed the same way
    • Could be parts of planets, comets or asteroids that had previously broken up
    • Thought by scientists to be around 4,500,000,000 years old

fireball after it has entered the atmosphere


o stony iron, rarest meteors, only 2% or all meteors are stony-iron

o stone, most meteors are stone, formed the outer crust of a planet or asteroid/comet

o iron, 90%-95% iron, besides iron mostly nickel, formed the iron core of a planet or asteroid/comet, most craters on earth were caused by iron meteors, about 5% of meteors that fall to earth are iron meteors,

Meteor craters

o Meteor craters are caused when a meteor hits earth (duh)

o 2 types of craters simple and complex

o Collision with earth causes further fracturing of the meteor

o Atmosphere protects Earth from meteors by burning them to a size where they cannot do much damage besides initial impact

o Complex crater caused when Earth rebounds against the force of the meteor


o About 9 meteor showers per year

o Even a piece of dust that enters the atmosphere can be considered a meteor

o Most meteors are found in the south pole because they stand out against the natural landscape, many are also found in the desert for the same reason

-Meteors can act as a "boost" for radio signals sending them further

-Meteors can be knocked off their course by a nuclear weapon, this is called an X-ray slap

-You are more likely to win the lottery than be hit by a meteor, people are hit by meteors about every 189 years

Meteor showers

o More meteors than normal (normal being 1 per hour)

o Named after the closest consolation

o A common cause is when a comet breaks up and all of its pieces enter the atmosphere


o A meteor that is large enough to cast a shadow on earth

o Must also be generating its own light (on fire, hence the name fireball)

o Must be at least as bright as Venus

o Smaller fireballs travel fast enough to create a sonic boom

o Generally fireballs travel faster than normal meteors


o Name: The Willamette Meteorite

o Found in: The Willamette valley, Oregon, 1906

o weight: 15.5 tones

o Type: iron meteor

o Mass: 3 meters * 1.9 meters * 1.9 meters

Example 2

o K-T Extinction is believed to have caused the Extinction of the dinosaurs and 80% of all species

o Only 13% of flora and fauna survived

o Meteor hit what is now the gulf of Mexico and created it

o In 2002 another crater was found in Boltysh, Ukraine from around the same time as the K-T meteor and it is now believed that the mass extinction was caused by multiple meteors

Example 3

o Allende meteorite

o One of the largest recorded fireballs

o Exploded about 547 KM south of El Paso Texas

o Caused no crater

o Caused a meteor shower

o Contains some of the oldest matter in our solar system

o When it exploded over Mexico it caused a meteor shower of all of its fragments and did not all hit earth in one spot


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  2. Vance - you have definitely covered everything you went over in class. I liked your use of colors to explain the different parts, but using bold for the section titles would have been helpful. Nice improvement on spelling and grammar (I can see you used spell check); there were only a few errors. The one area you have not included were any links - Moodle, your notes, elsewhere. These are required for your post. You have included some pictures, but I think one of them is a comet, not a meteor. Finally your labels are missing "Scribe Post" and your title is missing a date. I do think your Science looks good, but you need to be sure to meet all of the requirements on the rubric. ~Ms. D.

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  7. Hey Vance- This post was definitely a great improvement from posts earlier in the year! All of your spelling and grammar look good except for a few capitalization mistakes. It was good how you chose many different colors, it made the post vibrant but watch out because occasionally it was hard to read. The pictures were related to your post and captioned, although the captions could've been more detailed. The post was very informative and scientific, although you didn't use vocabulary words or links for more information. A video or a current article about meteors would have been a good choice for a link. Your post is lacking a class date, so you should add that as soon as you can. Finally, you need to add a "scribe post" label to your labels. So overall, this was your best post so far, but I agree with Dave, you are making lots of progress in scribing. Nice job, Vance!
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    First of all I want to say that your post is looking really good. You have different colors for the paragraphs pictures with captions and you also wrote the post in bullets which makes it easy to read. However you have made several mistakes. Number one, you forgot to include "scribe post" as one of your labels, but it isn't such a big problem. Another problem is that you have some minor grammar/ spelling mistakes, but most of the post is great. You could have also added some links to Moodle, maybe a google doc of your notes or something like that. Regarding the science I believe it is really good that you gave examples of meteors and I just want to say that the Willamette Meteor is gargantuan! 15.5 tons!!!! Anyways, congratulations on a really thorough post.

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  10. Hi there Vance,
    Great post! You have a lot of information, good font, and a great amount of color. Your science also looks great! You have a couple of spelling errors, and also some grammar mistakes. For the first half of your post, I was very interested and wanted to read more. The captions under the pictures helped a lot in the understanding of them. Though, later, during the second half of your post, I got a bit bored, since you had no pictures. One or two of them could really have made your post better. You have great labels. Though, you have no links!! At least one or two "fun links" could have helped the reader in understanding what you wrote! Also, a link too Moodle is always necessary, and you forgot to put that too. I also didn't understand the following phrase: "When it exploded over Mexico it caused a meteor shower of all of its fragments and did not all hit earth in one spot," since it was a bit chaotic and it didn't make a lot of sense to me. You should have explained with further detail what it was about for anyone who, like me, didn't attend your class. Overall, though, your post has helped me learn a whole lot more on Meteors. Especially the part in which you talk about the different types of Meteors and what they contain (iron, stone, etc.) really helped my understanding in Meteors grow. Great improvement, great final post, and keep up the good work!


  11. Hey Vance,
    That was a really good post, you wrote well and it was very interesting, also, there were many pictures with correct captions. I liked your real life example, and the fact that you changed colors every time you were speaking of something else. The light blue was a bit hard to read, but still okay. I noticed only few grammar and spelling mistakes, but nothing major, except for the labels, that (although done) were missing "Scribe Post", and that the title was only "Meteors" and should have been more specific, and possibly including the date of the class, either in the title or in the text. Next time I recommend that you recheck the directions though, because you forgot to add the links! You were supposed to add a link to moodle, and a link to something else, so that someone else could have an easier time understanding what you meant. Except for that, your science is really good, with a lot of information about the Meteorites, and with a lot of different facts, that although important, were also very easy to understand.
    Overall Good Job!

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